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That 3 a.m. Wake-Up Call

Jesus presents us with so many opportunities to take our small sufferings and offer them for souls.

Streams of Mercy, Part 3: Obedience

We continue our series reflecting on themes and lessons presented in the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska.

In the Battle for His Soul, the Devil Was Dogged

Here's what helped prevent Fran Phillips from losing hope, from allowing his marriage to fall apart, from taking his own life.

Unexpected Mercy

Over the years alcohol abuse changed her. She hurt her family as she fell more and more into the demon hands of addiction.

Led to Prayer and Believing His Promises

In His mercy, God put me on the tight, winding, rock-strewn path leading to the narrow gate.

Penny for Your Thoughts

Since my retirement was partially planned in advance (from putting money in a 401K, like many other people), taking a 50 percent reduction in income, voluntarily, was a big issue for me.

The Spirituality of Blessed Hanna Chrzanowska

The Spirituality of Blessed Hanna Chrzanowska — She knew that her vocation was a call to holiness.

Turning Sorrow into Joy

Find out how the Lord wants to take your suffering and turn it into abundant blessing.

They're Wrong. Love them Anyway.

In such a world, it's easy to become militant, to believe that speaking the truth requires giving the liars a tongue-lashing, if not more.

Just an 'Average Joe'

He was miraculously healed through the Chaplet of Divine Mercy and has since kept his word to dedicate his life to spreading the news of Christ's promises made to the world through St. Faustina

A Nurses' Examination of Conscience

A Nurses' Examination of Conscience — Blessed Hanna Chrzanowska knew how important her work as a nurse was, and how it affected her soul.

Good Fathers Wanted

This Father's Day, find out why we need good fathers and why fatherlessness has made our culture ill in more ways than one.

A Honeymoon with the Bridegroom

"I encountered Jesus in that course," Rosa said. "I realized how much I was offending God by our unmarried union."

Retreats for the Sick

Retreats for the Sick — Blessed Hanna Chrzanowska was not at peace with only caring for people's bodies — she wanted to care for their souls as well.

Scripture Study: Tenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Unforgivable Sin — We can commit only one sin that God cannot forgive. Though that may seem scary, understanding this sin will impress upon you of the unfathomable mercy of God.

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