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Lent 2010: In Your Mercy, Preserve My Life

The fifth in a series of Lenten reflections, written as a dialogue between the Lord and the soul. These reflections are inspired by the Diary of St. Faustina and Scripture.

Only Say the Word and We Shall Be Healed

Saint Faustina witnessed the Christ Child clutching at His Mother with a look of utter terror. What frightened Jesus so much in that moment?

Lent 2010: If You Want Peace

I thought I could rely on my friends, especially this close friend. But Lord, you saw how my friend just did that ...

Lent 2010: A Trail of Trust

But then there are times when my heart cannot see You anywhere, and it feels like You are very far away.

Lent 2010: Trying God's Patience?

The following is the second in a series of Lenten reflections inspired by the Diary of St. Faustina and Scripture.

Lent 2010: The Quiet Call

Lord, I think I hear Your voice, but there are all these things that I need to get done today. As You can see, my life is very busy ...

Class in Session

Holy Father defines who will lead and how to learn in the "school of trust."

How the Pope Practices What He Preaches

The Holy Father says God's "merciful love" is the bond between Christians and Jews.

So What is the Ultimate Prayer, Anyway?

We tend to trust God in the easy times. But what happens when things get tough? I've got a suggestion.

Lessons Learned From My Mom's Death

At her bedside, we learned the most powerful lessons in this life. Here's what they are.

Love: The Last Word

No matter how many distortions the Father of Lies tries to feed us, our final conversation will be with Truth and Love.

Obedience is the Only Path to Peace

Saint Faustina once told Jesus, "I give priority to the voice of the Church over the voice with which You speak to me." Huh? Really?

Top 10 Mercy Quotes of 2009

We share them with you with the hope that the message of Jesus, The Divine Mercy, will reign in your hearts and reign over the world in the coming year.

Why Obedience?

The word obedience has never been a favorite of mine.

Come to Me as Little Children

What does that mean? It means to come to Him with trust and full confidence that He will never abandon us.

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