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What the Doctor Printed in Capital Letters

One night, the Lord prompted me to pray the chaplet. Here's what happened next.

Walking the Walk — A Very Long Walk

But what's their mission? A group of college students kick up their feet at the Shrine — briefly — and explain. Then, they're gone.

Faustina: A Blending of East and West

How did her life, mission, and spirituality blend elements of two Church traditions? Read an excerpt from the new book Faustina, Saint For Our Times.

News from Rome: Pope Begs Forgiveness for Priests' Sins

In closing the Year for Priests, the Holy Father refers to the sins of the past and the "new radiance" of the future.

A Tri-lingual Parish with One Common Goal

How the message and devotion have brought unity to a parish, in a diocese entrusted to Divine Mercy.

'Like One Big Family'

A meeting of the minds in Vienna. The plans ahead for the historic spread of mercy around the world.

Put it There (Your Trust, That Is)

I've been turning to the dictionary and the Diary of St. Faustina to get a better understanding of the "t" word.

Conversations with Mom: My Son, the Father

Just like that: "Go up to the tabernacle and ask Jesus for a baby." So she did.

The Pope: Our Priests Need Divine Mercy

For their ministry, to be credible at the altar and in the confessional, priests must turn to God's mercy in their own lives.

God, Neighbor, and Self. Now Put Them All Together.

What does The Divine Mercy message demand from us? Also, what does Christ want us to want?

Three Rings. Three Cheers!

The attendees of the Healthcare Professionals for Divine Mercy conference are unlike any other. Here's why.

The Priesthood: A Love Story

What extraordinary purpose does God have planned for the men He taps for the priesthood?

The Divine Mercy Comes to Wall Street

How did one broker, speeding down Wall Street in pursuit of material wealth, experience a radical redirection?

If We Knew the Value of the Mass

What's the big deal about Mass? And why should we attend? I turned to St. Faustina's Diary for an answer.

The Seven Aspects to The Divine Mercy Devotion

By request, here's the talk given by Fr. Zachary during the "Catch the Wave of Mercy" retreat held in Corpus Christi, Texas, in April.

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