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More on Reading Your Bible in the School of the Saints

Dr. Stackpole draws upon the wisdom of St. Faustina, and St. Francis De Sales, to show us how to meditate on the gospels.

Reading the Bible the Way St. Faustina and the Saints Did

Why was Jesus so insistent with St. Faustina regarding recommended reading?

Step Right Up: All Imperfections Welcomed!

How far does the forgiveness of our Savior extend in the Sacrament of Reconciliation? Farther than you can imagine, according to the Church, the Bible, and St. Faustina!

The Five-Loaves, Two-Fish Philosophy

Dr. Stackpole concludes his works-of-mercy series with that culinary and biblical metaphor for good reason.

Should Works Of Mercy Always Be Done For Free?

When is a work of mercy truly unselfish. Dr. Stackpole discusses this (often misunderstood) aspect of authentic, merciful love.

How to Practice the Works of Mercy Today?

Part three in a series on the works of mercy.

If We Serve God For a Heavenly Reward, Is That Selfish?

All this Catholic talk about gaining eternal life by serving Jesus here on earth: Doesn't all that make us self-seeking, rather than selfless?

How Confession Brings Joy to the Heart of Jesus

The following is the third part in the series, "Reconciliation: the Sacrament of Mercy and Healing."

Confession: Where 'the Greatest Miracles' Happen

Jesus encouraged St. Faustina by saying to her: "Tell me about everything, be sincere in dealing with Me, reveal all the wounds of your heart. I will heal them ..."

The Sacrament of Mercy and Healing

One reader asks: "What can a person do if he has committed mortal sins? And how can he be sorry for them?"

Extraordinary Graces: What are the 'Requirements'?

To receive the special graces of Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday, just how many "hoops" do we have to jump through?

Praying the Chaplet: When? How? And for Whom?

Queries abound regarding the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy — the intercessory prayer given to St. Faustina from Jesus.

Trust! ... OK, but How?

Let Dr. Stackpole point you in the right direction with his "how to" guide toward growing in trust in the merciful love of God.

Saint Faustina vs. the New Age Movement

Should we embrace the new "Age of Aquarius" or the new "Millennium of Mercy"?

Songs of Praise to the Merciful Creator!

On a wing and a prayer? How both St. Faustina and a parrot named "Bandit" sing of the mercy of God.

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