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Prayer as an Act of Mercy

Souls are being graced with God's unfathomable mercy because we persevere in prayer and obedience.

Meet Momma, This Woman Who Radiates Christ

She stands at only five-feet tall. She's lived out on the street for years. And without even giving it a second thought, she extends mercy to others like no one I've ever known.

How to Deal With Difficult Times

As everyone was leaving, I had a moment with her. I told her to read the Diary of St. Faustina and see how St. Faustina dealt with difficult times in her life.

A Day in Which I Saw How God Moves

Tears streamed down his face as he shared his life of promiscuity, drugs and lawlessness. He was so overwhelmed with emotion, he laid his head on my shoulder and wept, pleading for God's mercy.

'Change the Word Burden to Gift'

In many ways an upcoming Divine Mercy conference in Oakland, Calif., represents one woman's promise to God.

What I Know About Suicide

Our Divine Mercy prayer group was praying the Chaplet of The Divine Mercy for him at the hour he died.

'That's What We're Here For'

For 26 years, he'd hit the streets, handing out money to those in need.

Why I Pray For These Men

I heard of the execution of the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and said immediately to my fiance, "We'll have to pray for him." But why?

Washing Feet for Soles and Souls

I then knelt down and said, "This crucifix was mine, and now it is yours. Not only do you take God with you, but me as well."

Mercy in the Streets

We had to jump out of our vehicles and stop a huge fistfight out on the street. I had never seen an outburst like this, and it was scary ...

When We Step Through the Doors of His Mercy

This Christmas, we are filled with joy for the coming of our Lord - He who calls upon us to trust in His mercy. I want to share with you one particular story of trust ...

The Heart of the Matter

We often found ourselves in despair in front of the image of The Divine Mercy. We'd be in tears, begging for strength from God.

A Fitting Farewell to an Apostle of Divine Mercy

Calling her a saint might seem an extreme form of flattery, but to be in her presence was to be near Jesus.

Never Despair of God's Divine Mercy

When I saw the deacon again a couple weeks later, I asked him about the lady we were praying for. His first remarks were that she died and she had a peaceful death.

'Flag Etiquette' and Forgiveness

My Christian beliefs tell me it's not proper to fly my own "flag" higher than God's. By my own "flag," what I mean is my own will, my own priorities. Yet, how many times do I fly my flag higher than God's?

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