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What Does Trust Mean?

Does trust in God's mercy mean we no longer need to pray, or ask the saints to pray for us, or strive to do good works?

The Fate of 'Talkative Souls,' the Value of Silence

A strange question leads Dr. Stackpole to open up for the reader an important aspect of the teachings of St. Faustina.

On Going to Confession Before Mercy Sunday

When should we make our confession in preparation for receiving the extraordinary graces of Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday?

Divine Mercy and People of Other Faiths

One reader asks: If this is a devotion based on God's merciful love to all people, what should we say to Christians who are not Catholic and cannot go to Confession and receive Holy Communion on Divine Mercy Sunday?

The Difference Between the Chaplet and Novena

As we draw near to Divine Mercy Sunday, one of our readers asked what the difference is between the Chaplet and the Novena.

Praying the Chaplet as an Act of Reparation?

Some people may ask: Why do we need to make restitution to God for our sins? Didn't Jesus die for us on the Cross to make up for our sins?

Why Do Some Pastors Ignore Divine Mercy Sunday?

Charlotte wrote to tell me of how her pastors oppose the celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday and the recitation of the Divine Mercy Novena. "What's going on?" she wonders.

Why Does St. Faustina Call Jesus, 'My Mother?'

A reader asks a tough question about the way we address God in prayer and worship.

More on the Chaplet: Can We Change it?

Dr. Stackpole shares his thoughts on the temptation to change the Chaplet for added public effect - and on the meaning of the words about Christ's "passion."

Further Dialogue on the Chaplet — and on Innocent Suffering

Dr. Stackpole, responds to further questions on difficult aspects of the Chaplet — and on innocent suffering and Divine Mercy

Can we be 'Certain' about Divine Mercy Sunday?

Dr. Stackpole tackles the question of the kind of "certainty" we can have about the promises of special graces for Divine Mercy Sunday.

If God is so Merciful, Why do the Innocent Suffer so Much?

An answer to a question that every faithful follower of Jesus Christ has to face, sooner or later...

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