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Iraq, God's Mercy, and Our Response

A national debate began on Nov. 8, the day after the recent elections, and the topic is the war in Iraq. It's a debate that needs to be informed by God's mercy, our prayers, and our works of mercy.

A 'Bumper' Crop of Faith Suddenly Gets Sticky

Hmm ... Can we change the world with a bumper sticker? Who knows. Maybe.

I Met Jesus in a Nurse Named Janice

The death of my son calls to mind the love of another Son — thanks to a nurse with a devotion to Divine Mercy.

A Voice with a Message, and Not Just One from 'Our Sponsors'

Just when he thought the quiet life was calling him, Tom Gallagher has been all talk and all action.

Open Wide and Say 'A-men'

Just what is all this gnashing of teeth about, anyway? The quick answer: truth decay.

Mercy, in a War-Torn Land

She volunteered to serve in Iraq to help rebuild the broken infrastructure. But in her off hours, Edmay Mayers, a grandmother and a Divine Mercy devotee, is helping to touch hearts.

Nourishment, in Jesus' Name

Relying on the grace of God, they took vows of poverty and dedicated their lives to helping the world's impoverished.

The Best Insurance Policy Imaginable!

What seemed like a regular work day became a day of love. It offered me the opportunity to put Divine Mercy into practice — to be an instrument and dispenser of God's mercy.

Though Suffering, She Was Selfless

Lynn was diagnosed with breast cancer, but that didn't stop her from praying for someone in even greater need than herself.

When It All Begins with a Hot Dog

It was like a lightning bolt from heaven, God's way of telling me, "You are going to feed a homeless man a hot dog."

Friend of the Month: Kent Bois

My wife and I have been devoted to Divine Mercy for many years. Indeed, God's mercy has been a mainstay in our house, though, at times, I've been too thick-headed to even see it! Allow me to explain.

Jesus keeps His promises

I knew of Christ's promise of saying the Chaplet at the bedside of a dying person. I took Christ at His word.

Discovery in a drawer 'too good' to ignore

He said, "I want your permission to say the coronilla." I said, "What's that?" He said, "You'll find out soon enough."

A Model of Mercy

We learned after her funeral that the date on which she died — August 25 — was the 100th birthday of St. Faustina, the herald of Divine Mercy to whom our mother was so devoted!

'Jesus Out in the Open'

"When I saw the billboard, I saw the sign," she told Joe.

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