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Seven Deadly Sins

Part 7: Pride

Here's the final installment of our seven-part weekly Lenten series on the Seven Deadly Sins:

Part 6: Envy

Envy can creep into our hearts, even within the Church, even among people laboring in the vineyard.

Part 5: Wrath

Meekness — steadfast meekness, courageous meekness — is the means by which hearts can be converted.

Part 4: Sloth

Let's talk about sin, shall we? The following is part four of our weekly Lenten series on the Seven Deadly Sins.

Part 3: Greed

We don't call them the Deadly Sins for nothing. Greed kills.

Part 2: Gluttony

Seeking direction? It doesn't have to be such a balancing act.

Part 1: Lust

Saint John Paul II reportedly said, "Chastity is the work of a lifetime." For many of us, it may take longer than that.

The Faith is Better Than We Are

How can you still be Catholic when the Church is so full of sinners? Well, that's the point, isn't it? The following is the introduction to our Lenten series.

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