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The Case for a New Doctor of the Church: Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska

Part Six: St. Faustina and the Mission of the Church — Past, Present, and Future

Although Faustina was given to the Church and the world exactly when she was most needed, her witness continues.

The New and the Controversial in the Witness of St. Faustina

Theologians respond to objections to having St. Faustina declared a Doctor of the Church.

The Many Streams of the Spirituality of St. Faustina

What important contribution did St. Faustina make to the Church? See what the experts say.

St. Faustina Shows Us Where to Find and How to Serve Our Merciful Lord

How does St. Faustina qualify to be a doctor of the Church? Here's what the experts say.

Saint Faustina the Theologian

How does St. Faustina qualify as a theologian to be a doctor of the Church? Here's what the experts say.

How Is She Qualified?

Several experts say that St. Faustina fulfills the criteria to merit the title "Doctor of the Church." Here's why.

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