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Divine Mercy Weekend 2019
April 27-28

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You must be at least 18 years old to volunteer.
You must be at least 16 years old to volunteer with adult supervision.
Unfortunately, we are not able to sponsor any volunteers from other countries to the United States.

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Would you like to be trained as an area coordinator in which
you would be responsible for an entire area of Mercy Sunday including
attending all coordinators meetings and working Friday - Sunday of Mercy Weekend?
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Number of previous years you have volunteered for Mercy Weekend:

*Please choose 3 possible places you wish to volunteer, and rate with "1" the place you wish to volunteer the most.


Anywhere - Put me where you need me

Adoration/Candle Tent

Confessions Tent

Crowd Control Outside / Indoor Shrine

Disabled Visitors

Enrollments and Masses Tent

Eucharistic Minister/Umbrella Bearer [Please fax your current Eucharistic Minister paperwork attn. Peter James to 413-298-3910]

EWTN Security

Field Usher

General Availability [This volunteer works all day on Mercy Sunday wherever there is a need and is flexible in duties.]

Gift Shop (Sales Tent)

Gift Shop (Crowd Control)

Holy Family Candle Shrine

Indoor Shrine Church

Lourdes Grotto Candle Shrine

International Tent

Information Booth


Marian Clubs Tent

Medical Hospitality Area/First Aid [Please fax your current paperwork attn. Peter James to 413-298-3910]

Shuttle Bus Team (Sunday only)

Sign Language Ministry

Shrine of the Holy Innocents

Stations of the Cross Guard

St. Faustina’s Oil

Traffic Control (on Eden Hill)

Traffic Control (off-site shuttle locations)

Assistant to Volunteer Coordinator [this volunteer will work as backup to the Volunteer Coordinator the entire Mercy Weekend and will need to be trained ahead of time; local volunteer would work best in this slot]

Other (type in Comments below)

Prayer Warrior - At Home

Preparation pre-Mercy Sunday

Clean Up post-Mercy Sunday

*Hours available Saturday

*Hours available Sunday

Have you ever been charged or convicted of a felony offense? If yes, we will call you for a separate conversation.
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Some areas require a background check in light of the safe environment for children’s policy of the Diocese of Springfield, MA. Are you willing to sign an authorization form for us to check your background?
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NOTE: All volunteers will receive their assignment letter and a parking pass through the post office in 2019.


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