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Stations of the Cross

Photo: Robin Parow

Workers install the 11th station on Thursday on Eden Hill.

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A Timely Delivery

What perfect timing for Good Friday and Easter Sunday!

Early in the morning on April 5, a large 18-wheel truck ascended Eden Hill in Stockbridge, Mass., to deliver four large crates — the bronze statues for 10th and 11th stations of the life-size Stations of the Cross being installed on the hill facing the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy.

By noontime the crates were open and the protective materials used for shipping were removed. The Tenth Station is a single piece with Jesus and two soldiers who were stripping Him of His robes. The Eleventh Station is in three pieces with Jesus positioned on the cross and two soldiers, hammers held aloft, nailing His feet and hands to the cross.

By two in the afternoon, workmen had positioned both stations on their permanent platforms, ready for Good Friday pilgrims to view. They are a most dramatic depiction. The face of Jesus as He is nailed to the Cross is a chilling reminder of that first Good Friday when He died for our sins.

The Stations of the Cross are the work of famed sculptor Timothy Schmalz and were made possible by a gift from a generous Marian Helper. The 12th Station is expected to be delivered later this Spring, and the final two will be delivered and installed in the Summer.

A dedication of the life-sized Stations will be held in September.

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Helen C. - Apr 5, 2012

What timing, indeed! Providential timing! It is powerful, since it is ME and US hammering that nail into Jesus through our sin and lack of belief. Forgive us Lord!

Irene - Apr 8, 2012

I am so moved just by the images. I can hardly stand the wait to see them all in person and pray the stations of the cross. Brings back the very emotional journey I was blessed with in Lourdes, France. Thank you to such generous donors and God Bless

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