Catholic Social Teaching

‘Brethren All are We’

Catholic Social Teaching on our Common Humanity

By Chris Sparks

Catholic social teaching is one of the great treasures of the Church, and yet all too often, it’s neglected or overlooked entirely. We continue our exploration of the Church’s social teaching, this time focusing on race, nationality, and our common humanity.

Joseph Pearce is one of the best-known Catholic converts writing today. A noted literary biographer, Pearce may seem like  he must have always been dedicated to peaceful scholarship.

Part 3: Immigration

The following is the third in our series on Catholic social teaching.

There has been much spirited discussion lately of walls and bridges: of which image (or perhaps some combination of the two) properly represents a Christian perspective on immigration. The Bible commands us to shelter the homeless and welcome the stranger, but is it ever acceptable to close our doors to newcomers? Does the Lord expect us to give the green light to everyone wishing to cross our borders, or should our liberality be tempered by prudence?


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