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The Top 10 Titles of Mary

As befitting the Mother of God and Queen on Heaven, Mary has numerous titles and names. It's fascinating that one person can have so many titles, but how else could we grasp the aspects of Our Lady merely by her given name?

The Gospel of John doesn't even name Mary, only referring to her as the mother of Jesus. We need more. And so, after surveying her many titles, we present the admittedly subjective Top Ten Names of Mary.

Touching All the Bases

What happens when one of Major League Baseball's top prospects decides to touch all the bases? He ends up at home.

That's where outfielder Grant Desme hopes to find himself, changing from a baseball uniform to a priest's collar.

Desme, a second-round pick of the Oakland A's of the American League in the 2007 draft, shocked the baseball world this spring when he retired to pursue a priestly vocation. Desme feels he has been called to be a Catholic priest.

Breakout Year is Not Enough

Planting the Seed

In the Gospels, Jesus uses various analogies to describe the exponential power of faith. A personal favorite of this writer is the grain of mustard seed, the smallest of seeds that grows into the biggest of trees.

On July 10 at the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy on Eden Hill in Stockbridge, Mass., the Marians of the Immaculate Conception and the Knights of Columbus planted a mustard seed. The modest turnout for the first annual Knights of Columbus Day, consisting in sum of a six-man honor guard from the Archbishop Williams Assembly, can be seen in this way.


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