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Freedom's Greatest Mystery

Have a fun, happy, safe, and blessed Fourth of July, my dear friends. In between the family gatherings, the food, the fun, and the fireworks, pause and think about freedom. I hope you find the time. It will be well spent. That's what I'm doing today, meditating and contemplating on this lightning out of the bottle.

Harry Potter Gets Put in His Place, the Brat

There was this child who came wandering into the culture. He's kinda cute, has glasses, very scholarly looking. Now how could he possibly kidnap the universe of just about every kid aged 6 to 14 (and their parents, too)? Could it be sorcery? Today, we take the temperature of a sick boy named Harry Potter. We call upon a visiting physician by the name of Joseph R. for a consulting opinion. You'll be most interested.

Rosebush and the Pastel Tenderness

We've got a rosebush growing in our backyard, full of buds and ready to burst with the most delicious shade of pastel-pink/red you've ever seen. But that's not what makes this rosebush special. There is divinity at work in its stems. It is 113 years old with buds as young as this morning. Young and old. Read further, and you'll discover what one religious community did about age. Then, we finish by singing Happy Birthday to someone special. Welcome, my dear friends.

A Man of Vision with the Courage to Look

You want to meet a true visionary? No, he didn't see an image of Our Lady in a ham sandwich. He didn't see a statue crying tears of olive oil. He possessed an authentic vision, you know, "that vision thing." A visionary is someone who, in life's chess game, sees 12 moves ahead where the rest of us see four. A man with a vision looks at life through a telescope. The rest of use magnifying glasses. The Marian Renovator, Bl. George Matulaitis, was just such a man. He came along at the right time, in the right place, with the right - you got it - "vision." Gather now, and gaze.

Heritage-Day Happy and Money-Way Sad

Today I blow the cover off the identity of one of my spies, with good reason: for your edification. Don't worry - he's a big boy and can handle himself in the clenches. Then we wade into the world of money. Money is round because it rolls away, but it's also a moral (and therefore a spiritual) issue. I leave on a lily pad, so catch me now by clicking on the magic button.


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