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The Subterranean Ore of Memory

Today, coffee with Br. Albin gets us going, and MOMM sends a piercing photo. You have to see it to believe it ... the photo, I mean. We also look at pretzel politicians. Later, I test writer Willa Cather's observation that "some memories are realities." I attempt to find out by walking near the thin ice of Transubstantiation, seeing how close I can get without falling through. I bid you welcome, my dear friends.

This in Terms of That, or, 7 on the Pass Line

The first-ever World Apostolic Congress on Mercy takes a few steps ahead. This promises to be a watershed moment not just for Divine Mercy, not just for the Church, but for everybody, from the Pope to the most implanted atheist. Also, learn what the Church Mouse says. You'll be touched. The prize in this box of rhetorical Cracker Jack is wrestling with the analogy of "God is Light." The light sounds great, and it is, but it isn't entirely a rose garden. Then find out which Marian is celebrating his 80th birthday today. Dive in, fearless reader.

Believe It or Not

Today we present some stories you will not believe. And yet ... and yet ... they are all true! How does one see without eyes? The Church Mouse tells us. Then ride with The Two Amigos, as the dos Marian Brothers show ya'll how ta' shell peanuts, Texas style. Next on the bill is The Singing Nun of "Dominique" fame. It's an almost incomprehensibly sad story of fame and destruction. Finally, the professor pulls a surprise quiz on you. Hope you were studying.


I've often felt the Holy Spirit was the odd man out in the Trinity, not getting His proper due. This past Saturday at the National Shrine of the Divine Mercy, the total opposite was true. At 8:30 a.m., the Day of the Dove dawned. The Dove lavished His gifts upon the 50 or so retreat members. By 10 p.m., the Day of the Dove had fully descended, cooing, His goodness having been proclaimed. Let me take you there as a kind of preparation for Pentecost.

Ten Fingers, Ten Toes

A strange think happened last night. I woke up with a scream and found that I had turned into (the horror, the horror) a TV executive. Today, in addition to a wide selection of other goodies, find out what shows you will not, repeat NOT, be seeing on EWTN anytime soon, though you can glimpse them on DVTV on the 50-inch plasma screen of your mind.
Click on, my dear friends. Then later that afternoon, who should we run into? Only the priest who will have to arm wrestle Fr. Seraphim Michalenko for title of "World's Greatest Authority on Divine Mercy."

Father Tony, Twisters, Smugglers, and Other Ascensions

This is a holiday for me, as Eden Hill celebreates the Feast of the Ascension. In today's blog, we present ascending thoughts, a descending number from St. Faustina's Diary, up-and-down observations, hill-and-valley nuggets of speculation, and rock-steady poetry that flat-lines across mountaintops. Read on, my beloved blogees.

Rock Head and the Cultural Tug-of-War

The Jesus' "joke" is revealed, and it's not the one about women's ordination. That's a separate discussion, as you shall see. Also, the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy basks in the national spotlight, and I take you back to when the Shrine was being built in the late 1950s. A funny thing happened when I was playing in the dirt there. Intrepid readers, advance pass GO, collect your $200 in Monopoly money, and read on.


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