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The Undamaged Chasuble

The Easter season is behind us, but the life-affirming nature of this ultimate Christian story has a more-than-seasonal shelf life. In fact, it lasts forever. Hearing this message from Eden Hill no doubt does not surprise you, but come with me. Let's walk about 7/10ths of a mile south, down the hill, on Pine Street toward Main Street, Stockbridge, Mass.

Odds & Ends

Filipinos on Jupiter - Were there a lot of Filipinos on Eden Hill for Divine Mercy Sunday this year?

We can answer that by referring to a quip from Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, Marian provincial superior, made before going to the text of his prepared homily:

"If anyone ever lands on Jupiter, there's going to be a group of Filipinos there."

The line brought laughs and cheers from the crown of 18,000.

No Boilerplate with This Man

He preaches in exclamation points. He talks in pauses. His homilies are given in 48-point headline type. He prays in 12-point body copy.

He believes denial to be the deadliest form of delay. He confronts problems in ways that permit solutions, which can pass as one definition of wisdom.


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