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Odds and Ends

A day of final vows leaves behind it a large wake of tidbits, little items of human exchange that, although they are tiny and usually remain invisible, give the day its color.

Here are a few such items from the final vows ceremony of Br. Michael Gaitley, MIC, on March 19:

Meet the 'Hermit' of Eden Hill

Brother Fred Wells, MIC, speaks with the soft, rounded drawl of a Richmond, Va., native, as if an artisan filed the edges off his words and smoothed them into curves. To a northerner's ear, it sounds tranquil, a sans serif redolence that calls to mind - what? - something akin to water trickling from a cavern roof into a pool of still water during moonlight. You could listen to it all night, and it might becalm the most restless of souls.

Piecing It Together

Mercy is God's way of loving us. He created us and redeemed us in love. This message is not only for Christians. It is for everyone, as Jesus revealed to St. Faustina, His "secretary."

Reaching the world is a tall order. How does one begin?

You start by working to improve your little corner of it. You do what you can to make the world a little better than you find it. So how can you spread The Divine Mercy message? One of the best ways is to promote it in your parish, starting with the celebration of Divine Mercy Sunday.

Building America's Mercy Shrine

As we celebrate the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy's 50th Anniversary Year in 2010, it's good to remember that it all began with a mission and Marian Helpers like you who were dedicated to that mission.

The original idea for what would become one of the most beautiful shrines in the world began with readers of what used to be called Marian Helpers Bulletin (now Marian Helper magazine).


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