Dan Valenti's Mercy Journal

Let There Be Light

What is the relationship of darkness to light? Are they not dependent upon each other for their comparative existence? Remove darkness and the word "light" need not exist. Light will exist, but would we recognize it as "light"? Remove light, and the same thing happens to the word "darkness." If both exist, as they do, we can say one necessitates the other.

Pope Pax

"Let there be peace on earth, and let it begin with me."

Thus goes a line in an often-sung hymn of our times. But does peace begin with you? How is that possible? What does one of the great peacemakers say? Fortunately, through his writings, we can ask him.

Trust in God is Job Number 1

You're a single mom of three. You're in your late 40s. In a withering economy, you suddenly lose your job. You spend the year looking for work but come up empty. The bills, meanwhile, don't go away. Prices rise, and values drop.

Is this you, except for the particulars? Are you pounding the pavement, out of work? Has a loved one been traumatized because of losing a job? Read on, then. This is for you.

First, there are two tough but vital questions to ask: What are you doing about it? How are you handing it?


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