Divine Mercy and Justice

Part 3: What Happened to the Gospel of the Cross?

The following is the third of a 15-part series on Divine Mercy and Divine Justice. Read the series to date.

Here in the third part of our series on Divine Mercy and Divine Justice, I am going to cause some trouble. I am going to criticize the writings of several of the best Catholic theologians of our time. I am going to show that (no doubt, inadvertently) they have turned the clear and life-changing Gospel of the saving Death of Jesus Christ into a vague, metaphorical fog.

Part 1: Confusion Reigns!

The following is the first of a 15-part series on Divine Mercy and Divine Justice:

If you ask people devoted to the Divine Mercy why they find the message and devotion so helpful, often they will tell you, "Because it helped me see that God is not a God of wrath and anger, but One who loves us all with great mercy and compassion."


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