No, It's Never Too Late

Is it ever too late to receive God's mercy? I remember as a child reading about St. Therese of Liseaux (St. Therese of the Little Flower), and how she wrote about a condemned sinner named Pranzini. This man had continually refused God's mercy and it seemed would die as unrepentant. She prayed for him and asked God to give her a sign of Pranzini's repentance to encourage her. As Pranzini was walking up the steps to the guillotine, he suddenly turned to the priest beside him and grasped and kissed the crucifix before him!

Be 'Image' Conscious

By Lee Bowers

As those who have taught religious education to very young children will testify, there are few things in the world more delightful than watching children draw pictures of God.

Prison Ministry, by 'Accident'

The following is a report from cenacle member Jennifer Ertle of Queen of Heaven Parish in Uniontown, Ohio. This cenacle was the cover story in the spring, 2011 issue of Marian Helper magazine.

This past year, 2011, our Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy prayer cenacle went through many changes, including the formation of a second cenacle group in our parish. So far so good!

This is How Mercy Triumphs Over Shame

I was told by a psychologist recently that "the rigidity of the Catholic faith is a major cause of shame and psychological duress among members," and I found that comment disturbing, untrue, and in need of a response.

I told the therapist that the comment did not follow Church teaching and was not based on Scripture. The Gospel writer St. Luke, for example, speaks of the Prodigal Son and calls for the reader to identify with Jesus who is tender and loving to the sinner, the poor, and the outcast.


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