Baking for the Poor

I recently received a check for $745 from a Eucharistic Apostles of Divine Mercy cenacle at St. Pius X Church in Broomall, Pa. The note said it was for the medical clinic in the Philippines that - God willing - we're hoping to build.

I wondered how the cenacle members raised the funds, and so I sent out an inquiry. Cenacle member Kathy Jacobson sent me the group picture seen above and an explanation.

Can We Help?

While I was growing up, my father used to tell me about the holiness of Blessed Padre Pio and how my uncle had a tremendous conversion during World War II after attending one of his Masses. I remember as a young doctor reading with fascination about how Blessed Padre Pio helped build a hospital for the needy in his area. I was fascinated how this holy priest who was so committed to saving souls also took time to do the corporal works of mercy by trying to address the medical needs of the locals.

The Encounter of a Lifetime

The encounter between Mary Magdalene and Jesus has been called the encounter "between misery and mercy." She initially washed His feet out of contrition, and after His death, out of respect and adoration. She stayed with Our Blessed Mother at the Crucifixion. She didn't run off like the apostles.


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