Models of Mercy

In 1626, Fr. John de Brebeuf traveled across the Atlantic from France to the peninsula of Lake Huron to minister to the Huron Indians. Ten years later, Fr. Isaac Jogues made the voyage to join his Jesuit brother. Traveling 900 miles upstream the St. Lawrence River in a canoe with few provisions, upon arriving to Brebeuf's camp, Jogues fell ill with a fever that spread to his brothers, and a similar epidemic broke out among the native people.

Feast of St. Faustina 2017

Father Thaddaeus Lancton, MIC, spiritual director to the Friends of Mercy club, opened the day with a talk on St. Faustina: Joy, Trust, and Suffering.

The Feast Day was also the official release of Fr. Thaddaeus' new book, Stepping on the Serpent: The Journey of Trust with Mary.

See his full talk here which was originally live-streamed on our Divine Mercy Official Facebook page.

Models of Mercy

Peter Claver was born to a prosperous family in Spain in 1581. His mother had prayed to Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel, and to Mary, the Mother of God, for the gift of a vocation to the priesthood for her son. Peter was taught from an early age to let nothing come between him and the love of God. He joined the Jesuits at the age of 20.

Stepping on the Serpent: The Journey of Trust with Mary

Pre-orders for Marian Press' newest book, Stepping on the Serpent: The Journey of Trust with Mary, by Fr. Thaddaeus Lancton, MIC, begin Sept. 1. Here he shares his journey of trust with Mary and the inspiration for his book.

The prayer "Jesus, I Trust in You" is a whole program of life. In fact, it's a journey. But we rejoice, because Mary has already walked along this journey of trust, and she walks it again with us!


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