JPII-Lead Story

Part 4: The Cross in Scripture, the Early Fathers, and the Magisterium

The following is the fourth of a 15-part series on Divine Mercy and Divine Justice. Read the series to date.

In part 3 of this series we looked at some examples of how some of the best Catholic writers today inadvertently cast a cloud of confusion over the Gospel of the Cross. But I also admitted that I am guilty of doing the same thing myself.

Time to eat some humble pie.

Part 3: Nope, It's Not 'Faith Healing'!

The following is the third in a five-part weekly series:

At the end of last week's article in this series, I suggested that a "failure of nerve" based on a "lack of faith and courage" may be blocking the healing power of Jesus Christ from flowing freely in His Church today. But we also need to remember that healing in the name of Jesus is not the same as "faith-healing." The latter is more of a Protestant phenomena, and it can cause all kinds of problems.


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