JPII-Lead Story

Part 1: Is It for Real?

The following is the first in a five-part weekly series:

As Catholic Christians, we take it for granted that Lord God, the Creator of heaven and earth, wants to heal the sick and the suffering. In fact, care for the sick and prayer for their healing has been a part of the life of the Christian Church from the very beginning.

Can We Really Know Anything for Sure?

In September 2012, Dr. Robert Stackpole, director of the John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy, began receiving letters from his niece who had just started college in New England. He wrote back to her on a regular basis throughout the year, helping keep her mind and heart open to belief in God in the midst of a secular university in which those truths were being questioned and challenged every day. With her permission, Dr. Stackpole shares his letters with our readers, hoping that other young people will be helped by them to see the truth more clearly in a confused and clouded world.


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