Apparition Expert on Fatima, Evangelization

This is the third and final part of an interview with Marian apparition expert Michael O'Neill, founder of (View part two.) Here, Michael continues to share his knowledge of Marian apparitions and explains how he had the opportunity to talk about his Catholic faith on two nationally televised talk shows.

When was the earliest recorded Marian apparition?

Successful Producer Devoted to Evangelization

Having worked for popular channels like MTV, VH1, and Discovery, Mario Costabile of Hillsdale, New Jersey, has enjoyed decades of success running his own video and music production company.

Amidst his success, he managed to raise his children Catholic while neglecting his own Catholic faith. But a reversion late in his life remedied that. "I was kind of just going through the motions, like many people do," he said. "But then there were some things that happened that made me look hard at who God was, and I knew I needed to make some changes."


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