July 24 - Feast of St. Charbel

By Marc Massery

When Christ died on the Cross for the salvation of the world, He left nothing behind. He had no home, no money, no wife or children, no possessions at all. The very clothes on His back were stripped away and even His blood drained from His body. With His final breaths, He gave away all He had remaining; His mother He gave to the apostle John, and His spirit He offered back to Abba.

They Served to the End

Feast day of Blessed George and Anthony - June 12

Eyewitnesses tell of how they could hear the crunch of the snow under the soldiers' feet as a bonfire in the yard outside flickered, casting eerie shadows through the church windows. They could see the orange glow of the midnight fire illuminating the newly consecrated Host being elevated in the hands of Fr. George Kaszyra.

The soldiers' angry words being shouted in German contrasted harshly with the peaceful words of the Eucharistic Prayer inside the parish church in Rosica, Belarus.


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