Mercy Meditations

Scars of Sin

Saint Faustina visited Czestochowa on her way to the convent in Vilnius soon after taking her perpetual vows. She shared some interesting thoughts about that visit.

Prayer Under the Pall

I have a confession to make. I know that to be the wife God wants me to be - to be fully human, made in the image and likeness of God - I need to crucify my selfishness and make a pure gift of myself to my husband and to Christ. But I don't know how.

Are You Full of Hope?

We live in a world of violence, corruption, gloom, and doom. Many are living without hope and surrounded by violence, poverty and despair. Yet we know that God does not make junk. We need hope, and we must have something to hope in.

'More Graces Than Asked'

For months she had prayed before the Blessed Sacrament like Jacob wrestling all night with God. "I'm not leaving You alone until You heal me," she had told Jesus, clinging to Him as persistently as her shame clung to her.

One Passion

God has always taken care of Colleen Conlin - or Cece, as she likes to be called - but the diary of an obscure Polish nun helped Cece to learn how attentive His care is.


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