Mercy Meditations

Stay Awake and Keep Watch

Once, Jesus Himself came to the door as a poor young man and asked for food. Saint Faustina gave him some soup and bread. After he ate it, Jesus revealed Himself to her and told her that He had come down from His heavenly throne to "taste the fruits of [her] mercy" (Diary, 1312).

Showers of Mercy

I finally realized that I was missing the point about bridal and baby showers and why we throw them. Another woman is about to enter into a sacred fellowship with other women, and we know what she will need.

Look into the Mirror of Mary

Saint Faustina called Mary her "mirror." A mirror tells the truth. A mirror reflects light to help us notice our flaws so that we can eliminate them. And a mirror shows us when we have improved, when we have taken one more step toward becoming as beautiful as we were made to be.


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