Mercy Meditations

In Advent, Shine like the Son

By Chris Sparks

What does strength look like to you?

Does it look like fierce competition, swift athletes and strong players fighting for the prize?

Does it look like large guns, powerful ammunition, and an arms race between nations?

Does it look like boasting, like gold that glitters and an active public relations offensive announcing to the world that I and my team, my family, my nation, mine are the biggest, the best, the greatest the world has ever seen?

We Are Our Fathers’ Keepers

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By Terry Peloquin

If you’re angry with the Church, good. If the clergy abuse scandal and its aftermath has you fed up, good. If you’re distraught by divisions within the Church, good. You should be.

Pope Benedict XVI once said that “nothing makes the Church, the Body of Christ, suffer more than the sins of her pastors.”


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