Message of Mercy

A Perfect Fit Dressed for Mercy

By Terry Peloquin
She grew up learning from her parents’ example of faith and merciful deeds. So it’s no surprise that Michelle Annecchiarico of Ludlow, Massachusetts, leaps at the occasion to help others.

She has taught the Life Teen religious program at St. Elizabeth Parish. She helped students to “raise awareness and start a conversation” after the suicide of one of her ski team members. She volunteered for library fundraisers to help children’s literacy.

Stuck on St. Faustina

By Annemarie Thimons

For Katie and Adam Luangkhot, devotion to the Divine Mercy played a significant part in their relationship. The couple credits a daily recitation of the Divine Mercy Chaplet with how they came together. While discerning marriage, they made pilgrimages to the National Shrine of The Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. 

The Soul of a Son

By Harry A. Mooney

I’m a widower with seven children. My third son, Daniel, was afflicted with juvenile onset diabetes when he was 14, and his mother died when he was 17. Those two events changed him — his personality and his outlook on life — and he never fully accepted either one of them.

You Reap What You Sow

By Terry Peloquin

By all accounts, they shouldn’t have survived. On Oct. 14, 2002, Martha and Bob LeHouiller were heading from Chicopee, Massachusetts, to their Florida home for the winter.

“Whenever she got in a car, however far she was going, Mom would always start with a prayer,” said their daughter, Michelle Annecchiarico of Ludlow, Massachusetts. Her dad, she said, had a “God is my Co-Pilot” novelty plate affixed to his car’s bumper.

Their faith would be rewarded in a dramatic way.


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