Message of Mercy

‘I Would Probably Have Been Dead’

By Marc Massery

Since he grew up with an alcoholic father, Joe Avalos of Stamford, Connecticut, swore he would never drink. But at age 22, he started drinking with a friend. For the next few decades, he succumbed to alcoholism, falling further away from God and his Catholic faith.

“My life was a mess with alcohol and prescription drugs,” he said. “I justified everything by thinking that all my friends did it … . As long as someone I loved was doing worse than me, then I was OK.”

What Happened to the Bishop's Brother?

By Marc Massery

Mark Ricken of Dodge City, Kansas, died in 2014, but about five years before his death, Divine Mercy changed his life. 

Mark was the older brother of Bishop David Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay, Wisconsin. “Before Divine Mercy, he had no real heartfelt connection to Christ,” Bishop Ricken said. “He went to Confession regularly. He lived a good ecclesial, spiritual life, but he never was impacted personally by that close, personal relationship with Christ. But Divine Mercy sealed the deal for him — I’ll tell you that.”

The Power of the Chaplet

By Marlys Floyd

I want to tell you about the prayer and study group we have formed at St. Patrick's Catholic Church in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. We have named our group "Friends in Faith" and have met weekly for approximately 10 years. We have studied many books about St. Faustina, many of the books by Fr. Michael Gaitley, MIC, and videos about Divine Mercy.


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