Message of Mercy

The Divine Mercy Image - Part II

Today's topic for discussion will be the Image of Divine Mercy. When Saint Faustina spoke to her Mother Superior about what God was asking her to do, she answered that Jesus should give some sign so that they could recognize Him more clearly. When she asked the Lord for a sign that He truly was God and that the request was from God, Jesus told her, "I will make this all clear to the Superior by means of the graces which I will grant through this image" (Diary, 51).

Reflections on St. Faustina: Helen Kowalska

I was asked recently to write an article for a publication of the apostles of the Divine Mercy on the isle of Malta. There is a little island next to it in the Mediterranean just a south of the island of Sicily. That's the island where St. Paul was shipwrecked and where he suffered no injury from a snake bite, which converted the people.

Devotion Promotion

Devotion to Jesus, The Divine Mercy, in the forms given through St. Faustina, continues to grow in a number of ways throughout the United States and the world. St. Faustina's promise to draw aside the veil and help us realize the truth of the message is being lived out through the work of many. Some may simply hand out cards with the Chaplet of Divine Mercy on them and teach others about the message, while others organize special events in their parishes. Some may even buy copies of the Diary of St. Faustina to give to people they know who may have an interest in reading it.


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