Message of Mercy

The Path to Pro-Life

In 2009, former Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson of Austin, Texas, left the abortion industry and started down a path that would eventually lead her to the Catholic faith. She's since become one of the most outspoken pro-life activists in the country. She started her own nonprofit organization, "And Then There Were None" (ATTWN), which helps abortion clinic workers transition out of the industry and heal from their experiences.

New Book Fosters a Deeper Relationship with God

Saint Faustina's spiritual life - particularly her informal way of speaking to God - has long inspired Vinny Flynn. An author, speaker, and former executive editor for the Marian Fathers, Vinny has a new book, Mass & Adoration Companion (TAN Books), written with his daughter Erin. Intended to help readers develop a more intimate relationship with God, the book includes versions of ancient and modern prayers that guide readers to a Eucharistic spirituality, such as St. Faustina lived. Vinny recently spoke with us about the project.


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