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Divine Mercy for America

For 18 years, Dave and Joan Maroney have been traveling the country to spread the message of God's mercy and devotion to Our Lady through their apostolate, Mother of Mercy Messengers (MOMM). As an apostolate of the Marian Fathers, they have made it their goal to bring the message of Divine Mercy to parishes nationwide through presentations like the following talk, "Divine Mercy for America," given in Secaucus, New Jersey, on Dec. 3, 2017:

We Are Empowered

Not ones to mince words - about hell, Satan, and the society-fracturing effects of abortion, pornography, same-sex marriage, sexual promiscuity, economic injustice, and substance abuse - Dave and Joan Maroney have proffered a solution to save our country from itself.

Simply put: to follow in the footsteps of St. Maria Faustina Kowalska by utilizing the same prayers and sacrifices for the United States that she offered the Lord for Poland in the 1930s.

Save the Country, One Prayer at a Time

Mother of Mercy Messengers (MOMM), an apostolate of the Marian Fathers, is taking this Year of Faith to America. Never one for half measures, Joan and Dave Maroney, the husband-and-wife team who founded and direct MOMM, responded to an impulse from the Holy Spirit with a national campaign. The campaign is inspired by the suffering of Poland, the emergence there of the Divine Mercy message, and a pragmatic means to bring a spiritual initiative to America.

Poland? How does that fit?

As MOMM Turns 10, It Reaches Out to Youth

Since January 2001, Dave and Joan Maroney, known as Mother of Mercy Messengers (MOMM), an apostolate of the Marian Fathers, have traveled more than 250,000 miles to give their multimedia presentations on The Divine Mercy message at hundreds of parishes and schools.

This year, as MOMM celebrates its 10th anniversary, the apostolate marked the milestone of having reached more than 100,000 souls with its live, dramatic performances.


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