The New Catholic Feminism

Part 16: Exploring the Spiritual Priority of the Feminine

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In the previous article in this series, we began to unfold what St. John Paul II called the spousal mystery at the heart of the universe, and the priority of the feminine in the Church, and in our relationship with God.

Part 14: Radical, Post-Modern Feminism

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The extreme body-personality (or body-soul) dualism of contemporary secular feminism that we saw last time in the work of Simone De Beauvoir, takes an even more radical form today in the movement known as Post-Modern Feminism. According to Post-Modern Feminists such as Judith Butler and Donna Harroway, a human being cannot be defined as either male or female, for a variety of reasons:

Part 13: Is the New Catholic Feminism Really 'Feminist'?

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Anyone who has read the first 12 installments of this web series might be tempted to reply: "Well, this is all very interesting, and all very Catholic, but how is it really feminism? Haven't the New Catholic Feminists just stretched the meaning of the term "feminism" to include themselves, when the word has no such "complementarian" historical roots?"


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