The New Catholic Feminism

Part 4: The New Catholic Feminism

The following is part 4 of a 20-part series. Follow the series at

Let's begin, therefore, at the beginning; I mean literally at the beginning. Jesus said "from the beginning," God made us "male and female" (Jn 19:3). And the Bible indicates that he made them different, but equal in dignity and value, right from the start.

Part 3: The New Catholic Feminism

The following is part 3 of a 20-part series.

Radical Feminism comes in several forms.

Socialist or Marxist Feminism roots the subjugation of women in bourgeois capitalist economic and social arrangements. Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels laid the groundwork for this form of feminism by teaching that the struggle for women's liberation from social servitude and sexism is akin to the wider social struggle of the working class against slavery and oppression by the capital-owning class.

Part 1: The New Catholic Feminism

The following is part 1 in a 20-part series.

Over the past few months, whenever I would speak to anyone about the new web series I was working on, they would invariably turn to me and reply: "The New Catholic ... what?" For most of us who lived through the last few decades of the culture wars in western society, the idea that one could be both a Catholic and a feminist is simply unthinkable.


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