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A Novena for Thieves

By Olga McQuade

Eight years ago, my house was broken into. Thanks be to God, I was not home at the time.

The police responding to the break-in believed that, because the alarm went off as soon as the robbers came into the house, the only item they could carry off in that short amount of time was a television, which had been a gift from my daughter and her husband to me for Christmas.

I happened to have called the security company the week before about a problem that was happening with the alarm. The company found a flaw in the system, and they corrected it. Thank God.

This Answered Prayer Has a Ring to It

By Marc Massery

When the enemy shot down their Blackhawk helicopter on Jan. 20, 2007, Major Michael V. Taylor of Little Rock, Arkansas, was killed in action in Iraq, along with 11 other American soldiers.

“This was the most horrific and tragic moment of my entire life [and for] my two children who were 11 and 6 years old at the time,” said Wendy, Michael’s widow. Amidst the tragedy of her loss, Wendy experienced the mercy and goodness of God like never before.  


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