Meet Bart Lapus

Choose your favorite term: hooligan, ne'er-do-well, troublemaker, rebel.

Bart Lapus admits to having fit each of these descriptions. He'll add two more: black sheep of his family and lost sheep in God's Kingdom.

But he was a teen then, filled with self-loathing, shame, selfishness, and a desperate need to fit in. That was before he stepped into a church one sorrowful day, got down on his knees, and looked up and saw the image of The Divine Mercy staring at him, speaking to his heart, telling him how madly in love with him God is.

My Third Trip to the Philippines

I recently returned to Rome after my third trip to the Philippines this year. Each trip had a different focus. I went for two weeks in January with the Superior General of the Marians, Fr. Jan M. Rokosz, MIC, to explore some possibilities for us to begin our Marian mission in the Philippines in thanksgiving for the Beatification of our Founder last September, Bl. Stanislaus Papczynski.


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