Works of Mercy

Divorce, Divine Mercy, and Evangelization

By Marc Massery

Divine Mercy has the power to heal hearts broken by the tragedy of divorce. At least, it did for Madeleine Prendergast of Denver, Colorado. 

When Madeleine was young, she witnessed her parents endure a bitter divorce. Though Madeleine's parents split, they continued to raise her and her two siblings Catholic.

"I always had a devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus. At age 9, I took seriously His promises to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque," Madeleine said. She went to Catholic schools and attended Mass every day. 

Dictating Divine Mercy

Divine Mercy is for everyone, right? No one - religion or no religion, belief or no belief, saint or atheist, literally no one - is left out. Fine, but do you believe it? No, do you really believe it? For example, is there Divine Mercy for Adolph Hitler? Josef Stalin? How about dictators living today, people like Aleksandr Lukashenka of Belarus, Joseph Kabila of Congo-Kinshasa, Kim Jong II of North Korea, and Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe? Are these thugs deserving of mercy? The Little Catholic Group (LCG) of Malone, N.Y., not only thinks so; it is doing so.

Why a Billboard?

By Christi Derr Jesus, I trust in you. I thank Our Merciful Savior for giving me the opportunity to spread the message of Divine Mercy through a billboard in Denver, Colo. When I first heard about the Divine Mercy message given to St. Faustina, I fell "in love." It is a message of so much hope! No matter where you are in your spiritual life - the greatest sinner or the holiest saint - you need the mercy of God. The message is so simple, and so very profound. It is the essence of the Gospel and the Sacraments. I wanted the whole world to hear about Jesus's mercy!

'Jesus Out in the Open'

Joe Cannon put up dozens of billboards in the Cleveland area and waited to see what the reaction would be. The billboards contained the image of Christ as The Divine Mercy, the words "Jesus, I trust in You," and Joe's phone number. Soon, he received a call from a woman. "Did you put that billboard up?" she asked. "Yes," Joe said.


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