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Jeffery S. - May 24, 2017

I say how about Praying to Jesus because we can pray to Him for anything on Gods Green Earth so, Pray to Jesus and ask for guidence in The false worship and He will tell You not to disrespect the Fruit of thy Womb. GOD Touched Mary And Made Her MOTHER OF GOD JESUS HER WOMB IS BLESSED AND DIVINE ON ITS OWN. VIRGIN MARY has been seen in Grotto's all over the world. THE True story of Anneliese Michel who was Killed by the Devil and Mary Went to Her.She had Stigmata Touched by God. SO MARY IS WITH GOD AND SHE IS TO BE Honored and Loved Her On Earth. Like I Said Pray to GOD And See If HE SAYS IT'S oK to Treat the Mother Of Jesus Christ Like some ordinary person.

Concerned - May 5, 2017

You may not realize that you are causing confusion here. The prayer to anyone other than God is leading others astray. Some people cannot grasp the treatment you describe toward saints and statues. They literally pray to the saint and the statue in the same way that idol worship was and still is carried out. Avoid it altogether and pray to God, to ensure you are not falling into actual idol worship, or leading others to feel that it is okay because they don't understand the difference you are trying to describe here. It's a little absurd to try and justify this practice.

Aberry - Mar 4, 2017

God is a Spirit. We worship Him in spirit and in truth.
Faith is the substance of things not seen. We don't need to see Him nor a picture, a statue or anything else to worship God in truth.

Flora - Apr 10, 2016

You said "Mary is the Temple of God, not the God
of the Temple." will you be patient enough to meditate on the verse 1 Corinthians 6:19 where it clearly says that OUR BODY( I.e. believer's body) IS THE TEMPLE OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. the sentence "Mary is the Temple of God, not the God of the Temple." is a complete lie.

Robert Stackpole - Sep 1, 2015

Dear Alex,

I admire your conviction--but ask for your patience. I invite you to read all 22 installments of this series as they appear(11 hve appeared onlinme to date), in the course of which I believe every point you made in your comment (above) will be addressed.

Alex - Aug 29, 2015

You can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig. Mary was not sinless or she wouldn't have known she needed God as a Savior. She was not sinless or in Revelations she would have been able to open the Scrolls. She was the mother of Jesus NOT God. Praying and kissing statues of Jesus, Mary or the saints is idol worship. “Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath.... Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them”. THAT breaks the Second Commandment. Revelation 19:10: “And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellow servant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God.” The Angel tells John that falling to his feet is an act of WORSHIP! Most denominational churches including the Catholic church are following the traditions and doctrines of men and not the Lord.

D.Mak - Aug 18, 2015

I want to thank you for this lesson. I have tried to explain to non-Catholics the meaning of the Rosary and the importance of Mary...NOT that we prat to her like a goddess, but in intercessor of our prayers.

Florence chs - Aug 1, 2015

Wonderfully written. Great incite into defending the faith. Can't wait to read more!

advocate for prayer settings - May 21, 2015

Other landmarks in our country have statues which are viewed in memory of people, and a statue of Jesus, Mary, and the saints also serves the same purpose. It just so happens that what we do with the memory of the communion of saints is different: we take the time to pray, while we're remembering them, and our love of God is stirred. But we're not praying TO the statue or image. We don't say in our heads or out loud, "dear statue, please hear me." No, we pray to God, or we ask the intercession of Mary or the saints. We never pray TO it as an idol, how other religions might (but i'm not quite sure how that works cuz I'm not trying to practice idolatry). I just know that we as Catholics do not do idolatry, if someone is, they're confused, but they can straighten that out with learning proper prayer methods, I'm sure. Although it's possible to pray anywhere anytime when we need/want to, if we're going to truly set aside time specifically for praying on purpose, it helps to have a prayer setting. This is the purpose of having churches -- houses of God, of prayer (and sacraments, for us). For example, a setting with an image of the Merciful Jesus and Sr. Faustina (or statues) would be more conducive to praying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy because they put us in the mood to pray-- than let's say -- at Disneyland amongst the Disney characters (who aren't exactly examples of saints pointing us directly to Jesus). So we go to prayerful surroundings to partake of the fountain of mercy for all our prayer needs... and then we go out like missionaries to the less prayerful places, to assist in making His Merciful Love known. Our world is visual...books are illustrated often especially childrens books including childrens bibles... visual learning is very helpful... so the crucifix in church reminds us that Jesus is our Savior! It reminds us to feel sorry for our sins, when we're not always looking into the Bible to remind ourselves that He died for us. We remember in the breaking of the bread, and in the images of faith.

"Places favorable for prayer

CCC 2691 The church, the house of God, is the proper place for the liturgical prayer of the parish community. It is also the privileged place for adoration of the real presence of Christ in the Blessed Sacrament. The choice of a favorable place is not a matter of indifference for true prayer.

- For personal prayer, this can be a "prayer corner" with the Sacred Scriptures and icons, in order to be there, in secret, before our Father.48 In a Christian family, this kind of little oratory fosters prayer in common.

- In regions where monasteries exist, the vocation of these communities is to further the participation of the faithful in the Liturgy of the Hours and to provide necessary solitude for more intense personal prayer.49

- Pilgrimages evoke our earthly journey toward heaven and are traditionally very special occasions for renewal in prayer. For pilgrims seeking living water, shrines are special places for living the forms of Christian prayer "in Church." "

“Not in the beauty of the color, nor of the brush is the greatness of this image, but in My grace.”

Patrick Mburia - May 21, 2015

That was great God bless u

Doug - May 20, 2015

Thanks for getting this series started: I look forward to reading more in the weeks to come, and learning more about the reasons for Catholic belief in the Marian doctrines, so I can better discuss and share them with friends