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Shrine Celebrates a Saint for Our Times

The Marian Fathers host the special day to honor the "Apostle of Divine Mercy."


How to Be a Living Sacrifice for the Dead

"We need to put our prayers into action," Fr. Dan Cambra, MIC, told more than 100 people at the fourth annual Mercy for Souls Conference.


'Thanksgiving' Rules at Encuentro

The "loaves and fishes" were present in the form of Divine Mercy, the clear and straightforward spiritual repast available to all God's children.


A History Lesson from Fr. Gerald

How did the Marians get here to Eden Hill? Through Divine Providence — and a lot of work.


Don't Get Bogged Down. Rise Up With Us!

Take a look as we steer our aerial cam out into no man's land.


Spring at the Shrine

The pilgrimage season has begun at the National Shrine. If you can't make it here any time soon, we can at least give you a glimpse.


A Visit from the Secretary to a Saint

Yes, that's him: Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz. He stopped by the Shrine for a surprise visit. We've got the story, and we've got videos!


Up, Up, and Away!

Our aerial camera takes flight over Eden Hill!


A Droplet of Blood

The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy has a rarity: a relic of John Paul II. What's the story behind it?


Our Future Glory Awaits

View the Rev. Fr. Kaz Chwalek's homily at the Marian Helpers Center in Stockbridge, Mass., on Wednesday, April 2, 2014.


'The Word Can Become Flesh In Us'

View Fr. Michael Gaitley's homily on Wednesday of the Third Week of Lent, 2014, at the Marian Helpers Center, Eden Hill, Stockbridge, Mass.


Saint Joseph Is Our Foster Father as Well

View Fr. Michael Gaitley's homily on the Feast of St. Joseph at the Marian Helpers Center.


Time for Conversion

View Fr. Michael Gaitley's homily on Wednesday, March 12, at Our Lady of Mercy Oratory in Stockbridge, Mass.


'An Invitation to Be Specific'

View Fr. Michael Gaitley's Ash Wednesday homily at Our Lady of Mercy Oratory in Stockbridge, Mass.


A Walk with Jesus in February

The snow keeps piling up here in Stockbridge, Mass., bringing a quiet beauty to Eden Hill. Walk with us along the Stations of the Cross.

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