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Frank Kelly Leads Shrine Healing Service

After his electrocution, it was clear that God gave Frank Kelly an extraordinary gift.


75 Years Dead, and Faustina Is Just Getting Started

The National Shrine of The Divine Mercy celebrates St. Faustina milestone.


'One Right Thing'

At the Marians' annual Mercy for Souls Conference, a clarion call is made regarding one of the most important works of mercy.


'Witnesses to Faith'

An estimated 5,000 pilgrims ascended Eden Hill to join Marian priests and brothers in celebrating the ninth annual Encuentro Latino.


Shrouded in God's Mercy

The Marians' traveling evangelizers come home to the Shrine for an inspiring talk on living to the faith.


'What the Lord Has Done for Me'

For Fr. Calloway, it was a long journey to Jesus through Mary. We invite you to watch his powerful talk.


Father Bob Shaldone Shares Some Stories

Watch video testimony in which Fr. Bob Sheldone shares three good reasons he's helping the Marians spread the Divine Mercy message and devotions.


Pilgrims Visit with a Miracle to Share

Father Kaz was certain he saw her somewhere before.


Encuentro Latino is an Encounter with Christ

Encuentro Latino on Eden Hill: We've got the story — and the photos and video, too...


Class in Session

Brother Chris Alar, MIC, makes it a point to teach about the message that has revitalized the Universal Church.


View Homily from Eden Hill

The Very Rev. Fr. Kazimierz Chwalek, MIC, speaks of Christ's words from today's readings, "Whoever keeps My word will never taste death."

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