Today's Excerpt from Divine Mercy Minutes with Jesus

Wednesday, November 25

End Times and Eternal Life
Be Always Ready

Today I said to the Lord, "When will You take me to Yourself. I've been feeling so ill, and I've been waiting for Your coming with such longing!" Jesus answered me, Be always ready; I will not leave you in this exile for long. My holy will must be fulfilled in you. O Lord, if Your holy will has not yet been entirely fulfilled in me, here I am, ready for everything that You want, O Lord! O my Jesus, there is only one thing which surprises me; namely, that You make so many secrets known to me; but that one secret — the hour of my death — You do not want to tell me. And the Lord answered me, Be at peace; I will let you know, but not just now (Diary, 1539).

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My Prayer Response:
Lord Jesus, prepare me for my own personal end times. May I fulfill Your will in my life and be at peace with Your perfect timing for my death and entrance into eternal life with You.