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Divine Mercy Minutes with Jesus

Divine Mercy Minutes with Jesus is a pocket-sized devotional featuring key passages of Jesus' own words to St. Faustina, following themes such as trust, deeds of mercy, and humble simplicity. Compiled by Fr. George Kosicki, CSB, a well-known speaker and authority on the Diary and the Divine Mercy message and devotion.

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Today's Excerpt from Divine Mercy Minutes with Jesus

Thursday, March 5

Do Not Fear; I Am with You
Profound Peace

I have wasted many of God's graces because I was always afraid of being deluded. God drew me to Himself so powerfully that often it was not in my power to resist His grace when I was suddenly immersed in Him. At these moments, Jesus filled me with such great peace that, later on, even when I tried to become uneasy, I could not do so. And then, I heard these words in my soul: In order that you may be assured that it is I who am demanding all these things of you, I will give you such profound peace that even if you wanted to feel troubled and frightened, it would not be in your power to do so today, but love will flood your soul to the point of self-oblivion (Diary, 143).

Jesus looked at me kindly and said, My daughter, do not be afraid of sufferings; I am with you (Diary, 151).

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My Prayer Response:
Lord Jesus, in Your great mercy, help me to respond to my troubles with trust! Give me profound peace that will dispel my fears.

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