Today's Excerpt from Divine Mercy Minutes with Jesus

Saturday, September 5

Jesus the Teacher
The Essence of Your Lordship

On Friday, after Holy Communion, I was carried in spirit before the throne of God. There I saw the heavenly Powers which incessantly praise God. Beyond the throne I saw a brightness inaccessible to creatures, and there only the Incarnate Word enters as Mediator. When Jesus entered this light, I heard these words, Write down at once what you hear: I am the Lord in My essence and am immune to orders or needs. If I call creatures into being — that is the abyss of My mercy. And at that very moment I found myself, as before, in our chapel at my kneeler, just as Mass had ended. I already had these words written (Diary, 85).

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My Prayer Response:
Thank You, Lord Jesus, for teaching St. Faustina about the essence of Your Lordship and the abyss of Your mercy in creating us. May these mysteries at the Throne of God evoke my praise and worship.