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Today's Excerpt from Divine Mercy Minutes with Jesus

Thursday, February 11

Spiritual Directors and Confessors
The Seal of Obedience

I became absorbed in prayer and said my penance. Then I suddenly saw the Lord, who said to me, My daughter, know that you give Me greater glory by a single act of obedience than by long prayers and mortifications. Oh, how good it is to live under obedience, to live conscious of the fact that everything I do is pleasing to God! (Diary, 894).

I heard the following words in my soul: You will receive a greater reward for your obedience and subjection to your confessor than you will for the practices which you will be carrying out. Know this, My daughter, and act accordingly: anything, no matter how small it be, that has the seal of obedience to My representative is pleasing to Me and great in My eyes (Diary, 933).

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My Prayer Response:
Lord Jesus, thank You for teaching me about obedience to Your representative in the confessional. Help me with Your grace to submit to Your will expressed by Your representative. Teach me the importance of an obedient spirit to those you place in spiritual authority over me.