Works of Mercy

Meet Vince Bresch: A Marian Helper Who Follows the Call

We are called to engage in works of mercy out of love for the Merciful Lord and our neighbor. Here's one man's example.

One Million? Let's Count on It.

How to make the practice of the works of mercy a habit.

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Message from the Marians

The Marians' Founder, Stanislaus Papczynski, is Canonized

At 10:52 a.m., Pope Francis read the words that Marian priests and brothers have longed to hear for some 315 years.

Nine Days to Joseph: Day Eight

Saint Joseph, Man of Peace and Joy, please put me at peace and help me find joy.

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Divine Mercy Q&A

Is the Chaplet an Ecumenical Prayer?

One reader writes: "I am an Anglican priest of the Church of England, and ... I have been saying and joining EWTN in the Divine Mercy Chaplet."

Equipped with Special Graces: Now What?

Unless the merciful love we are receiving from Jesus is overflowing from our hearts and pouring out upon others, then we are not yet authentic disciples.

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From the National Shrine

A Witness to the Graces of the Divine Mercy Medal

"I'm not supposed to be here ... and now I give back."

A Most Fitting Phrase: 'Ocean of Mercy'

A cradle Catholic, she strayed until she found her way back into a confessional.

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Graces Received

Hail, Holy Queen

As we celebrate the Queenship of Mary, here is a reflection from Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC.

Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

She who was lifted up by the Father intercedes for us in this valley of tears.

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Around the World

Prayers, Insights, and Wisdom of Soon-to-Be Saint Teresa of Calcutta

It was the summer of 1986 when 21-year-old Susan Conroy got on a plane by herself, going far from her family's home in Maine.

Amoris Laetitia: Pope Francis Shines a Light of Divine Mercy on the Family

How the Church can provide better pastoral care for struggling and broken marriages, all in the light of God's merciful love.

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