Works of Mercy

'She Transformed Her Grief into Acts of Love'

We hereby announce the winners of our Works of Mercy Contest!

Part 6: Be Patient With Those in Error

Many of the works of mercy come with some sort of emotional reward. Not this one.

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Message from the Marians

You are Called to Serve

January 27 is the feast day of Blessed George Matulaitis. Here is the challenge he set for all of us.

Nine Days to Joseph: Consecration Day

Happy feast of St. Joseph!

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Divine Mercy Q&A

Mary, Merciful Queen of Heaven

Just how many reasons we can find for rejoicing in Mary's title, "Mother of Mercy"? Let us count the ways.

Mary, the Morning Star Who Lights Our Way

How can God fill us with His grace if we are already full of ourselves?

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From the National Shrine

Mercy Should be Shared

Vicente Bonilla saw how God's mercy has changed his life and how he needed to share God's mercy with others.

Shrine Celebrates Grandparents Day

"It's in the home that we learn values, it's in the home that we learn to love, it's in the home that we learn discipline ..." said the Shrine rector.

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Graces Received

Part 7: Listening to God's Word — The Old Testament

Where There's 'His Will', There's a Way

Through this one command, the Lord is telling us to order things properly.

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Around the World

Lights. Camera. Salvation!

What a great way to begin the extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy. Take a seat, press play, and behold two series available on DVD to Marian Helpers.

From the Epicenter of Hip-Hop

This wasn't the plan at all, the subject matter of these rhymes cast forth from a rooftop above the roughened streets of the Bronx.

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