Works of Mercy

Jesus, the Refugee

Both international law and the law of God demands Christians show hospitality to refugees.

Spreading the Spark!

Our world greatly needs families to unite in prayer. Two remarkable women have helped to answer this need.

Message from the Marians

Nine Days to Joseph: Consecration Day

Happy feast of St. Joseph!

Nine Days to Joseph: Day Eight

Saint Joseph, Man of Peace and Joy, please put me at peace and help me find joy.

Divine Mercy Q&A

How to Give Thanks as St. Faustina Would

My friend's comment left me wondering the following: If St. Faustina were to celebrate Thanksgiving today, what would she be especially thankful for?

What's the Problem With This Passage?

One reader raises the question: Is the Feast of Mercy really 'the last hope' for humanity?

From the National Shrine

Mercy Should be Shared

Vicente Bonilla saw how God's mercy has changed his life and how he needed to share God's mercy with others.

Shrine Celebrates Grandparents Day

"It's in the home that we learn values, it's in the home that we learn to love, it's in the home that we learn discipline ..." said the Shrine rector.

Graces Received

Part 21: Mary's Heart Leads to Divine Mercy

Thanks, for Everything

Thankful? Check. For everything? Check. Really ... everything?

Around the World

The Jubilee Begins with Mary. But Why?

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