Explaining the Faith

Our Lady of Perpetual Help: Meaning of the Image - Explaining the Faith with Fr. Chris Alar

The image of Our Lady of Perpetual Help is one of the most known in all of Christianity. But what does it mean? Why do the Greek letters say? Why is Jesus' sandal hanging off of his foot? Why does Jesus, as a child, look like an adult? What do the colors signify? Fr. Chris Alar answers these questions and more.

The Story of St. Michael: Why you Need Him! Explaining the Faith with Fr. Chris Alar

Who are the Angels and why did God create them? What do we know about them and how? Why is St. Michael given a special role and why do you need him? Fr. Chris answers these questions and tells the most incredible story about St. Michael who saved the life of a soldier. Also, he prays the ORIGINAL St. Michael prayer!

What Did Jesus Do in the Tomb and What "hell" Did He Descend to? Explaining the Faith with Fr. Chris Alar

The Apostles Creed states that Jesus "Descended into hell." What does that mean? Was it the hell of the damned or some other place? And what did he do when he came? What was the purpose of his visit and whom did he encounter? Fr. Chris Alar shows you what the Church has taught on this matter for centuries.


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