A Day of Great Grace

What is Divine Mercy Sunday?
Find out the basics.

Extraordinary Graces
What graces are available, and how do we receive them?

Experts answer Frequently Asked Questions based on Church teachings, the Bible, and more.

The Divine Mercy Image
Veneration of the Image on Divine Mercy Sunday.

In Christ's Words
His revelations as recorded in the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska.

Prepare Yourself

Getting Started
The basics with links to help you to make steps and strides in faith.

Jesus Himself awaits you with a Heart full of love and mercy.

Recognize the Eucharistic Jesus and receive His gifts.

Works of Mercy
How do deeds relate to devotion?

It's the vessel for drawing graces.

Prepare Your Parish

Getting Started
Ideas for getting your whole parish involved.

How to tell everyone about this special day. Downloads for bulletin inserts, announcements, posters, and more.

Invite Speakers
Let the experts bring a day of reflection or inspirational event to your parish.

Suggested Materials
DVDs, books, and handouts for any size group.

Clergy: FAQs
Experts answer questions based on Church teachings, the Bible, and more.


The Essentials
Observe Divine Mercy Sunday anywhere, on your own or with others.

Enhance Your Celebration
More ways to open hearts to the special graces of the day.

If You're Sick or Homebound
You're not out of the reach of God's mercy.

If You Can't Receive the Eucharist
Does remarriage outside the Church keep you from receiving graces?

If You're Not Catholic
Does Jesus reject someone who is not sacramentally baptized?