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More Brilliant Than the Sun

"More Brilliant than the Sun," Part 1: In this first entry of a new weekly series on the Sacred Heart, Dr. Robert Stackpole explains the extraordinary plan of Heaven for our times, how the Sacred Heart is at the center of that plan, and the extraordinary grace available to combat the extraordinary evils of our times.

The First Christmas

The reduction of the Nativity story merely to a profound myth is no more than a half-truth. Robert Stackpole, STD, explains.

Women and the Priesthood

Why does the Church still say that only men are called by God to the Catholic priesthood? Dr. Robert Stackpole explains.

The New Catholic Feminism

Freedom must always be bounded by charity, and it is simply not charitable to men to have to have their chastity assaulted whenever they walk down the street in the summertime.

Mary Lights the Way

The following the 18th and final part of a special series on the role Mary plays in the life of the Church.

Consider old Simeon's prediction about the "sword" of sorrow that would one day pierce Mary's heart (Lk 2:35). There can be little doubt that this prophecy was fulfilled most of all on Calvary.

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