Mercy Unbound

Episode 43 with Dr. Robert Stackpole
In today’s podcast with Dr. Robert Stackpole, Director of the John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy in Stockbridge, Mass., we discuss Divine Mercy and Divine Justice.

Episode 42 with Fr. Cedric Pisegna
Father Cedric shares with us thoughts on the Eucharist, Scripture, and Jesus as the high Priest and lamb of God.

Episode 41 with Terry Barber
Terry Barber discusses ten suggestions from his book, “How to Share Your Faith With Anyone.”

Dr. Bryan Thatcher discusses his newborn grandson, Louie; Divine Mercy; and the gift of life.

Fortunately, a friend saw that this physician of the body needed some medicine for the soul and gave him a copy of a book many Catholics in the U.S. would eventually come to know and love: the Diary of Saint Maria Faustina Kowalska.

What's a cenacle? According to Dr. Bryan Thatcher, it's one of the best New Year's resolutions you could make.

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