Mercy Unbound

Episode 137 with Trish Short
Today's interview features Trish Short, the director of the compelling new documentary "Ms.Led". In our interview, Trish passionately discusses her commitment to women in crisis and their unborn children.

Episode 136 with Kristen Van Uden
Kristen Van Uden from Sophia Press joins me today as we delve into an intriguing discussion on a book by Italian cardiologist Dr. Franco Serafini, exploring the Scriptural references in John Chapter Six.

Episode 135 with Adam Blai
Mr. Adam Blai holds a unique position as an expert in religious demonology and exorcism officially recognized by the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

Episode 134 with Dr. Gilbert Lavoie
Dr. Gilbert Lavoie, M.D., is a dedicated medical practitioner whose fascination with the Shroud of Turin has spanned over four decades. In the late 1970s, he stumbled upon a remarkable book by French surgeon Dr. Pierre Barbet titled, "A Doctor at Calvary." Today, we will delve into Dr. Lavoie's own work, "The Shroud of Jesus, and the Sign John Ingeniously Concealed."

Episode 133 with Dr. Paul Chaloux
In this interview, Dr. Paul Chaloux, a Catholic theologian, delves into the natural and spiritual aspects of facing death and dying in his latest book, "Dying Without Fear: Your Guide to Finding Mercy, Peace, and Joy in Dark Times."

Episode 132 with Marlene Watkins
Marlene Watkins, a dedicated Catholic woman, stands as the visionary behind the Our Lady of Lourdes North American Volunteers Program. Her book titled "20 Everyday Miracles of Lourdes" holds deep resonance within the hearts of the faithful.

Episode 131 with Cardinal Anthony Poola
Cardinal Anthony Poola emerged as a beacon of hope within the Catholic faith when he became one of the two Indians chosen by Pope Francis for installation in 2022. Prior to this appointment, he had dutifully served as the Archbishop of Hyderabad.

Episode 130 with Fr. Fred Jenga
Father Fred Jenga, a member of the Holy Cross Order and President of Holy Cross Family Ministries, grew up in Uganda and has ambitious plans for the ministries he leads. In our conversation, we will delve into those plans and explore the profound impact of prayer.

Episode 129 with Dr. Tom McGovern
A native of Michigan's Upper Peninsula, he runs a dermatology practice in Fort Wayne, Indiana. And he has endured prolonged bouts of severe anxiety, which had a profound impact on every aspect of his life, including his medical practice.

Episode 128 with Kathleen Beckman
Kathleen Beckman is a wife, mother, author, and speaker. Today, we explore her book "Blessed Holiness - A Spiritual Journey with Blessed Conchita to the Heart of Jesus."


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