Mercy Unbound

In today’s episode of “Mercy Unbound” Dr. Thatcher chats with “Dr. Ray” Guarendi, noted psychologist, author of over a dozen books on parenting, discipline, psychology, and apologetics, and well-known Catholic talk show host on EWTN.

The United States Constitution guarantees human beings the God-given inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Dr. Bryan Thatcher addresses this topic and more in the latest episiode of "Mercy Unbound."

Dr. Brian Burkey discusses how his faith has helped him in a stressful job. He also discusses how healthcare professionals can most effectively share bad news with patients.


Raised Jewish and having had a couple mystical experiences, Roy Schoeman converted to Catholicism and talks of his “infusion of knowledge."

Joined by Kathy Wabick, Dr. Bryan Thatcher discusses the power of the Chaplet.

Dr. Bryan Thatcher delves into miracles and the power of prayer.  

What is a Rosary Congress and what does it entail? Kristin Byrd will discuss these things, the rosary, and and some history on the Rosary Congress.

Melissa was a pregnant teenager 20 years ago and walked into an abortion clinic, got up on the table, and then walked out. She eventually put the baby up for adoption and reunited with her son nearly 19 years later. Listen to her heartwarming story and never forget the “Adoption Option.”

The Future of Caring for Loved ones? Ed and Nan Weber discuss their efforts to assist families care for their loves ones in time of need.

Trying to find hope in the midst of darkness? Lisa once lived a life of drugs, prostitution, and more and turned her life around in an amazing way. She where she found her answer!


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