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The Marians and their apostolates will inspire your parish.


Marian Evangelization Team 
These talks from the Marians will lift your parishioners' faith and increase their appreciation of the sacraments. The Marians do as much as possible to make their visit easy for pastors — including providing color flyers, church bulletin announcements, and free materials for distribution. Ask about missions in Spanish. 
Call (413) 298-1349 or email

Mother of Mercy Messengers (MOMM) 
MOMM brings the Divine Mercy message and devotion into parishes and schools across the country through live programs designed to reach all age groups and all levels of familiarity with the Divine Mercy message. MOMM also has developed materials to help your parish to continue learning and growing in faith. 
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Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy (EADM) 
A "Day of Reflection" with EADM enriches the spiritual lives of attendees and explains why the message of mercy is a message to be lived. Topics include the Eucharist, Overview of Divine Mercy, Divine Mercy as a Way of Life, Our Lady, and Pro-Life Issues. EADM will adjust the schedule to meet your particular parish needs. Two ministry members usually lead the day. Pastors are encouraged to participate by celebrating Mass and hearing confessions. 
Call (877) 380-0727 or write to

John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy 
Bringing Divine Mercy theology and spirituality to parish leaders and clergy remains the primary mission of the John Paul II Institute. In addition, the Institute is available to follow up with parishes and groups who are prepared for more in-depth study in these teachings. Pope John Paul II himself entrusted the Institute with the task of providing "formation and research in The Divine Mercy message and devotion as it is revealed in Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and in the life and writings of St. Faustina Kowalska." 
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Events Near You 
If a visit to your parish is not possible, find out if the Marians and their apostolates will be at an event near you. 
Marian Speakers 
John Paul II Institute of Divine Mercy 
Eucharistic Apostles of The Divine Mercy 
Mother of Mercy Messengers 
Healthcare Professionals for Divine Mercy 
Parish Missions 
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