Our Lady of Guadalupe

Join Br. Ruben Veloz, MIC as he shares with us the story of Our Lady of Guadalupe (feast day: Dec. 12), one of the most famous Marian Apparitions of all time - as well as one that still continues to this day with Our Lady's appearance on the tilma of St. Juan Diego (feast day: Dec. 9).

Living Divine Mercy TV Show Episode 81 - Ark of the Covenant

What is the Ark of the Covenant? When was it built and by whom? Why was it built and what was it used for? Fr. Chris Alar, MIC, “unearths” the Ark and shares the reality and the connections between the Old Ark of the Covenant and the New Ark of the Covenant — Mary, the vessel that held the New Law. This week’s Living Divine Mercy segment highlights the “In His Hands” orphan outreach ministry, which provides shelter, education and other services for orphaned children around the world. It's an amazing story!

Mercy Unbound - Debunking the Myths: Understanding Catholic Devotion to Mary and the Saints

Episode 118 with Marcus Peter
In this episode, we will be diving into a topic that has been a source of much confusion and misunderstanding - the role of Mary and the saints in Catholicism. Marcus Peter, a Catholic theologian, evangelist, and founder of the St. Peter Institute for Scripture and Evangelization, shares his insights on the subject.


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